England’s love of sports and betting

England and the wider United Kingdom has an undeniable love of sports betting specifically, and it’s not difficult to see why. This country’s relationship with sport itself has been strong throughout its history, having made vast contributions to various forms of sporting culture that have resonated across the world. For such a relatively small country, it’s remarkable just how much of an impact England has had and continues to have today. British athletes consistently match athletes from much larger nations such as the USA and China at the Olympics, for example.

More traditionally though, England are best known for the country where association football (otherwise known as soccer) originated, while cricket and rugby are almost as significant to the English national identity. As the country’s foremost sport, football is also the most popular sport on which fans like to bet. This has been true since the old days of the ‘football pools’, when fans would pick results as part of a pre-Internet accumulator. It is further reflected today by the dominance of betting firms as top football club/Premier League sponsors, which has been the subject of some controversy in recent years.

The rapid global and commercial success of the Premier League since its establishment in 1992 also cannot be underestimated as it pertains to the worldwide popularity of English football betting in the past 25 years. Today it’s not just at home where this kind of sports betting is so popular; many players take an avid interest globally, as far away as China and Australia.

All major bookmakers in England offer football as their foremost form of sports betting, but of course there are plenty of others on offer. It’s not hard to get involved in either. If you want to get involved in any kind of sports betting, Sports Bet offers a helpful guide to betting online and is your best place to get started.