The Best of British Food

British food has long been the criticism of many a foodie, starting off with the lack of variety, the overcooked veggies and the amount of gravy used. Some also believe it is all about kebabs, curries and fish and chips. However, there is more to the British culinary world than many may believe. The traditional food cooked at pubs, village festivals and even on Sunday family dining tables is, indeed, what makes Britain a strong contender in being one of the top countries in delivering authentic cuisine. England, Scotland and Wales grant you not just British delicacies, but also an explosion of flavour that will tantalise your taste buds. Let us have a look at what makes British food legendary.

Food Variations and What to Look Out For

One cannot visit England without indulging in a traditional Sunday roast dinner. This outstanding dish is normally chicken, beef or pork, slow-cooked to achieve the ultimate taste. It comes coupled with roasted potatoes, caramelised veggies and topped off with a splash of gravy. Scooping up the leftovers with Yorkshire puddings is the ultimate climax to a great dining experience. Sunday roast has and always will be a firm favourite. A Scottish variation is haggis, a savoury pudding composed of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs, minced with oats, onions and a combination of spices to grant you a mind-blowing tasty experience. Gravy compliments this dish, which is found in pubs, serving Scottish food, and it can also be found in supermarkets. Haggis is indeed to die for!

UK Food Variations Continued…

The food journey continues in Wales, which is known for Welsh rarebit. This is a variation on cheese on toast and often contains cheese, eggs, ale, English mustard and other seasonings. Don’t forget to try a slice or two of bara brith, a delectable fruity bread eaten with butter. The UK has more mentionable dishes to celebrate British food, however, listing them all here would take centuries. The British know their way around the kitchen, and we culinary enthusiasts stand back, smile and wait at the table for the next dish that Britain has to offer. A journey to a British village promises a full tummy, a smile and some tasty recipes to try at home. Britain is a paradise for food fanatics and devotees.