Things to do in England

Travelling to England offers you a unique opportunity to experience the unique cultural blend of the Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and English people. Enjoy the bustle of the London Streets, the silence in the Snowdonia valleys, get active by sailing in Solent or surfing in Gower, and enjoy the night skies by a fireplace in an old-fashioned English village. Some of the activities you should not miss out on during your stay in England include:

1. Explore London

Absorb England’s culture by visiting some of the most famous museums in London, exploring its local markets, or just wandering through its streets. Some of the iconic places you should visit include; The Tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

2. Visit Snowdonia

Located in Gwynedd County, Snowdonia National Park gives you a sneak peek on the kingdom of Wales. It features medieval castles along with some of the most picturesque landscape due to the abundance of untamed lands.

3. Participate in English festivals and celebrations

If you plan on visiting London, it would be advisable to plan your trip around some festivals and events. Some of the most popular festivals include Glastonbury Festival, St. George’s Day, and music festivals. Apart from being entertained, you will get a chance to sample varying English cuisines.

4. Enjoy England’s nightlife by visiting some of England’s casinos

Gambling continues to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment in England, and it continues to be a part of the English people’s culture, with both residents participating in online and land-based casinos. Indeed, England, and more specifically, Mayfair District hosts some of the world’s most high-end casinos where the elite have parted with fortunes. Today, however, online casinos are gaining traction and are redefining the gambling scene in England.

The options mentioned above are by no means exhaustive. Whether you will be spending a week or only a few days in England, choose the activities that will suit your taste and do not hesitate from choosing the path less travelled.