What a VIP Night Entails

Every restaurant wants to make its customers feel important. However, big spenders, the regulars and some friends of the staff expect special treatment in the form of custom foods, free cocktails or a better table during specific events. The best restaurants have mastered the art of providing VIP treatment without making other guests feels like second-tier customers. It begins with the old-fashioned red carpet entrance to the restaurant. It does not have to be the cliché red but something that will make your guests feel like VIPs. Next, you need to assign a special table to the guests. Here’s an overview of what entails VIP treatment.

The Meals

Usually, the chef takes note of that table in case a guest wants special off-menu items. They’ll also go the extra mile of cooking delicious food with impeccable presentation. Less formal events may offer a self-service buffet. All guests are expected to take the meals when seated. The beverage menu should be exceptional; instead of serving regular wines, experiment with sour beer and tangy brews usually paired with food. Interesting accompaniments like the recently discovered charcoal cocktail may just create an edge for the VIP occasion. The rule of the thumb for any VIP occasion is to keep the drinks replenished; guests should not keep on beckoning waitresses for additions.

Fun Activities

Include exciting activities that will turn heads to make the VIP experience epic. Of course, it depends on the crowd you are hosting. Some people prefer a fire pit and others may want an ice sculpture while high-end online casino games entice a group of wealthy individuals.

The Environment

VIP treatment is more about how you make the customer feel, and the environment significantly contributes to this experience. You can use music to create the right mood for the occasion. It should match the volume, depending on whether you want to create a calm background for interaction, a dance party or a rock concert. The temperature also affects the overall VIP experience; if you are hosting the party during a hot month, keep the room cool.